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ISAK SWAT knives take military and outdoor knives to the next level. The ISAK series introduces the ultimate multi-purpose, utility knives for military/tactical and law enforcement use, as well as outdoor, hunting and sporting uses.

Israel SWAT

ISAK - The Devices of Choice of Israeli Special Forces

Designed in collaboration with Israeli Special Forces and selected by the Israeli special forces units, ISAK is the ultimate protection and working tool.

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ISAK Black

State-of-the art, outdoor working tool. It is ergonomically designed with a rough handle for a better, safer grip and to keep it from slipping.

Length: 17 cm | Thickness: 5.5 mm

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ISAK Blackscale
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$199 $149

The handle of ISAK Blue is scratched to create a rough surface for a better, safer grip and prevent it from slipping.

Length: 12 cm | Thickness: 5 mm

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ISAK Bluescale
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$129 $99

ISAK Red is 25% smaller version of the ISAK Blue. Created for those who prefer less weight while keeping the ISAK ergonomic shape and solid characteristics.

Length: 9.1 cm | Thickness: 4 mm

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ISAK Redscale
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$109 $85

ISAK - state-of-the art army knives manufacturer

ISAK is a state-of-the art army knives manufacturer . The company is led by industry veteran Eyal Goldshten, an experienced antiterrorism expert and sworded weapons collector.

After serving in an IDF special unit, he became an instructor who trained generations of special unit and law enforcement forces. A martial arts expert, Eyal has Dhan II rank in Jiu jitsu and is experienced in Krav Maga (Contact Combat).

The manufacturing process of ISAK products is based on decades of military and law enforcement experience, as well as a profound understanding of the industry, its unique challenges and uncompromising requirements.

Developed in collaboration with the Israeli special forces to fully address their needs, ISAK is the ultimate military knife. Whether you need it for military or tactical purposes, or for leisure, sporting or outdoor activities, ISAK is designed for maximum safety and multi-purpose use.

ISAK - The Devices of Choice of Israeli special forces

When it comes to protection devices, the Israeli SWAT takes every measure possible to ensure maximum safety, ultimate performance under harsh conditions and top notch quality.  Winner of the Urban Shield 2010 training event, it's known for its capabilities and non-compromising standards.

So it is with great pride that we say that the Israeli special forces had not only selected ISAK product portfolio but played an active role in testing it.